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Rod Boothby, Web 2.0, and Lotus Notes - So Happy Together?


As many of you are probably aware, it's been a busy week for many in the Domino community who have been giving quite an education to one Rod Boothby. The tip-off came compliments of Ed Brill in his response to Mr. Boothby's post entitled "Simple Recipe to Leave Lotus Notes". Granted, Mr. Boothby's willingness, in the face of overwhelming evidence, to continue making authoritative yet inaccurate pronouncements on a subject in which he has minimal expertise has called into question his overall credibility.

Mr. Boothby erred in his initial post, was corrected, and should now simply admit the error and accept our forgiveness. Then we can all acknowledge what appears to be quite a bit of overlap between Mr. Boothby's Web 2.0 vision of the technological future and the roadmap for Domino. It does appear that despite his inauspicious introduction to the Domino community, Mr. Boothby may have legitimate expertise in areas of business analytics and collaboration that would be nicely complemented by Lotus Notes.

Rather than continue to villify him, I believe it makes much more sense to co-opt him and show him what Domino can do. It is very easy to let emotion overshadow reason in an effort to save face, but there is no shame in owning up to one's mistakes. Whether Mr. Boothby sees it that way or not, I think we cannot allow this to be become a Web 2.0 vs. Notes conversation simply because one person saw it that way. I'm happy to see that Ben Poole agrees.

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