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Firefox 2.0 Ready to Serve But Tab Mix Plus Still in Oven

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Update 12/3/2006: A couple weeks after this original post, the Firefox 2.0 compliant version of TMP was released, and I have since been able to successfully upgrade to FF2 on all my other computers with TMP without a problem.  I think.  I may be close to fixing this now, but after upgrading on my main laptop, I've been pulling my hair out because hitting the right and left cursor keys has been changing my tab focus when I want it simply to move within an editable field.  I'm wondering if TMP has something to do with this (but not too hard 'cause my head hurts enough from all the hair pulling .

Earlier this year I posted about the Firefox's amazingly useful extension Tab Mix Plus. I have grown increasingly reliant on it and was rather disappointed to find out (the hard way) that it isn't compatible (yet) with the newly released Firefox 2.0. The official download site for the extension is here, and according to the developer's note the updated version should be ready within a week. He also posted a link to a pre-release version, but ironically I had trouble downloading it in Firefox, so I had to use IE instead. If you have the same trouble, you can install the extension by dragging it into the firefox window and it will launch normally.

Having run the pre-release version of Tab Mix plus over the course of several Firefox restarts I haven't come across any showstopper problems, but you may want to export your current tab mix settings and then re-import them if, like me, you find that some of your preferences got lost. I'm not exactly sure if the settings files are compatible between versions, so approach with caution (i.e. export your "new" settings before importing your old ones). You should also remember to backup all your Firefox settings, which in Windows are located in the C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles folder. Just backup everything inside that folder and you should be good. You might also try one of the available extensions that will do this for you - search Google for "Back up your Firefox preferences" and there are several options.

Another alternative that I noticed in my research is a newer extension called SuperT that apparently has similar features. I might try that out on one of my test machines. I also noticed another promising new extension called LinkWad, which "enables users to more easily manage tabbed browsing sessions by saving groups of tabs as 'wads.'" One apparent feature of Linkwad is that you can save and share these wads between PCs and with other users. I could see this as a great research and collaboration tool, for example allowing me to find 5-10 web pages dealing with a specific technical topic that I could file away for later use. If I wanted to share the links with folks that might not use Firefox/Linkwad, I could use yet another extension like Tab URL Copier or Copy All URLs and produce a text list of links.

All in all, there is quite a bit of new stuff out there for Firefox, so it may be time to take another long look through the list and see if anything catches your eye.


1 - Sean, I'd have to agree waiting a bit is a good policy for anyone already using lots of extensions. It would have been nice for the installer to identify incompatible extensions before completing the installation.

2 - I am just upset at the number of extensions that aren't working, like SessionSaver and ViewPageSource. I need that code to do my work!!! I might just have to revert to 1.6 until the developers have time to get those extensions working.


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