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My Lotusphere Session: Lotus Notes Development for Non-Developers!


Lotusphere 2007The recent Thanksgiving holiday here in America was certainly an occasion for the Pettitt clan to give thanks for many things. Unfortunately avoiding the seasonal flu was not one of them. Between the stresses of being sick and the adjustments following our early-November return from a visit with my wife's family in Pakistan, little energy was left to blog. Which is too bad because among the many good things to be thankful for and blog about is the fact that I have been invited to speak at Lotusphere 2007!

This is a great honor and a truly exciting moment for me as it will be my first speaking appearance at Lotusphere (or any conference for that matter). I will be presenting a jumpstart entitled IBM Lotus Notes Development for Non-Developers which I have described thusly:

"One of the great strengths of Lotus Notes is that even an untrained novice can build a simple application that has a big impact on the way a business operates. But in the excitement to add more functionality that often follows, this lack of experience can show as the application becomes more complex and harder to manage. This session will demonstrate a simple yet powerful standard database architecture that will give the ambitious beginner a better starting point for their development, helping them to build quality applications that adhere to many Lotus Notes best practices. By making good design approachable in this way, common mistakes can be avoided and it becomes much easier for senior developers to extend the application later."

There are several types of folk who might find this session useful, if for different reasons.  New developers and power users will come away with a tool to guide their Notes client development efforts in a more disciplined way.  Senior developers will appreciate how this tool can make their job of extending (and debugging) "home-grown" applications much easier. Senior administrators will learn about additional tools and methods to manage and track these new applications effectively, and thus prevent "misbehaving" ones from bringing down a server.  IT decision makers (even non-technical ones) will gain a better understanding of how to get the most from their Notes investment while avoiding common pitfalls that drive up maintenance and support costs.

Incidentally, a couple of my fellow DC Domino bloggers will also be presenting at Lotusphere.  Sean Burgess will be teaming up with John Vaughn for a deep dive into the new IBM Blog Template, and Jack Dausman and Allison Pang will be presenting From Retro to Rocket: Retooling R5 apps to IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 7 and Beyond, which will cover techniques to help correct some of the problems that my session is designed to help you avoid in the first place.

I should point out that my presentation is not set in stone as yet, and I am very interested in feedback from anyone who might attend as to what their expectations might be.  It is very hard to predict what my audience composition might be, especially since I suspect few "power users" who have not already been exposed to Notes will be attending Lotusphere.  It would seem more likely that admins wishing to jumpstart (no pun intended) their development efforts would attend.  Please feel free to share your thoughts and I will tailor my presentation appropriately.

I will have some additional postings soon regarding the actual database architecture which will be part of the presentation.

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