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Five things (most of) you don't know about me


By the way, Happy New Year!

I guess I can't get out of this now that I've been tagged not once but twice thrice, by Messrs. White and Dausman AND Greyhawk. So without further ado:
  1. My grandmother owned an 1890s church building out of which she ran a gymnastics school, and growing up her grandchildren (that's where I come in) loved to jump on her giant trampoline located off the sanctuary. This explains why I was so eager to do trampoline flips last year at the Lotusphere SeaWorld party.
  2. From age 5-18 I was a competitive swimmer, and spent most of my waking summer hours at the pool. During the school year, I would often wake for swim practices at 4:30AM. At 14 the hard work paid off when I won both my events (50M Breaststroke and 100M IM) at the league championship meet. It's been downhill ever since.
  3. I have a large collection of advertising posters from the London Underground subway system (the ones inside the cars). I can't tell you how I acquired them, but let's just say most acquisitions were made after leaving one of London's many fine pubs. Among my collection are several "Poems on the Underground". My favorite poem, and the one that required the most work to nick acquire. was I Saw a Jolly Hunter by Charles Causley.
  4. My first (and last) performance at a karaoke bar was at my hotel in China while on a business trip in 1994. Mind you it was not entirely voluntary, as my only reason for being there was a lack of anything worth watching on the three TV channels. Unfortunately, since Westerners were still a novelty in this part of China, and despite the fact that nobody else there spoke English, it was soon made clear to me that I was to pick the song I wanted to sing from the back pages of the song selection book, where the English songs were listed. I assume that the comedic value of my performance must have outweighed my embarrassingly bad rendition of "I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane", because I didn't have to pay for another drink the rest of the night. I'll never know.
  5. Weather permitting, I ride an electric-assist bicycle to work 6 miles from my home in Washington, DC. Because I don't have to pedal quite so hard, I wear standard business clothes, don't need to shower at the office, and get to work faster and cheaper than by subway. If I close my eyes I could almost imagine that I'm in Europe...just not while riding.
Hmmmm, who should I tag now? Quite a lot of potential targets have already posted their five things, but it looks like Tom Duff and Stephan H. Wissel are not among them. Consider yourselves tagged guys!


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