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Sometimes I feel like a BASF commercial

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Maybe its the post dot-Bomb budget hangover.  Maybe its the "Notes is Dead" mentality infecting many IT decision makers.  Whatever it is, it seems that few of my 21st century clients have had much inclination to invest in new Notes application development.  To paraphrase those familiar BASF commercials, "I don't make the Notes databases you use everyday, I make the Notes databases you use every day better."

Consequently, I've become pretty good at what could be called "corrective" or "forensic" development, since more often than not the applications I need to enhance are poorly documented and their creators are long gone.  Thankfully, there are many great Notes development tools out there to make this job much less tedious, especially
Teamstudio's Analyzer and Configurator tools.  Equally indispensible has been the vibrant online Lotus community, such as the Notes.net fora (I took Latin) and various tip sites like SearchDomino.com.

Launching this Blog has been a very similar experience, since of course Blogsphere already existed.  To get this site looking the way it does, I've had to dissect the template and have added several customizations to both the design and to the style sheet.  Some of these changes include making the search block look right in both Firefox and IE and adding the date to stories that show up in the search results.

That said, I welcome any feedback on either the design or content of this site.  For example, are there some parts of the world or some industries where significant investment is being made in NEW Domino development?

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