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It's a Boy!


In case anyone was wondering why my blogging pace has slowed a bit in the last couple of weeks, it is because of two major projects that have been in the works for several months and were nearing completion during this period.  Well, one of those projects is now suddenly complete thanks to the birth of our first child, a 7.5 lb. baby boy we've named Faizaan.  That baby and mother are healthy and doing well is the good news.  The bad news is that the other project, an addition to our house which was supposed to have been finished two weeks ago, still has a week or two to go.  But this little hiccup in the timeline can't take away any of the joy that the addition to our family brings us, and we couldn't be more happy...or sleepy .

Interestingly one of the reasons that I am so sleepy is that the night before my wife went into labor (a week ahead of schedule) is that I was up until 5 AM tweeking some code that will go into an upcoming blog entry.  There are actually several code-related entries in the pipeline, but this particular one will be of value to anyone using Teamstudio Analyzer.


Essentially I have created several custom views for the Analysis template (ivesdean.ntf) that have proven extremely useful to me over the years, and will post ... ah, well, you'll just have to wait and see.  In the meantime, say hello to little Faizaan!

A picture named M2


1 - Great news Kevin. Glad to hear everyone is doing well.

2 - Congradulations! Enjoy... there's no better adventure then parenthood!

3 - I had no idea ! Congratulations ! Bring him to the next user group meeting, and we'll make him our mascot. He probably already has a couple of the those animal outfits, right?

I'm very happy for you Kevin.


4 - Congratulations to you and your family Kevin.

5 - Congratulation!
Welcome to the club!!!

6 - Way to go Kev. Where's my cigar?

7 - Congratulations! Wishing your family (especially the newest .nsf in the 'Lotus Guru' domain) all of the best!!!

8 - Congratulations on your new bundle of joy Kevin...he really will change your life!

9 - Thanks everyone for the good wishes. Mommy and Baby are finally home and well, even if sleep is still elusive, and I can now add bottle feeding, burping, and diaper changing to my resume .

Fortunately my mother is a saint and came to town this week to keep an eye on the construction project (and keep the cats from running outside) while we all stayed at the hospital for four nights. She has also helped keep us both sane while we learn parenthood as we go.

Now I need to catch up on work and get more pictures out to eager family, and will be blogging more too. Stay tuned.

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