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Teamstudio "Analyzer Plus" Custom Views

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This being a rather hectic (even momentous, but more on that later) week I'm afraid my SnTT post will have to be a recycled one. Nevertheless it is I believe one worth highlighting as it has immediate practical value for quite a few folks out there (i.e. everyone who uses Teamstudio Analyzer).  So without further ado, enjoy...

A while back I mentioned that I had created several useful custom views within the Analyzer template that ships with Teamstudio.  Well, I have finally posted them to the OpenNTF Code Bin for all to enjoy.  So, what's the big deal you ask?  Well, have you ever wanted to see all agent settings for a database, including schedule times and server name, on one screen?  Or how about seeing a complete picture of the ACL, including who has what role and access level, all on a single screen?  You get that and more with my "Analyzer Plus" custom views.  Here's a sample...

Here's a shot of all the views
currently available:

A picture named M2
And here's a peek at the "Agent Detail" view:

A picture named M3

Perhaps the best part is how easy it is for Teamstudio users to add these views into their own Analyzer templates.  To simplify the process I created a simple database that installs all the views with a single button click.  That little trick was facilitated by Damien Katz who years ago wrote the DBDesign Lotusscript class while working at Iris (take a bow Damien).

I posted the database in the OpenNTF Code bin here.  I would encourage ALL Teamstudio Analyzer users to download and run this installer, as I have found all of these views useful, and some are downright indispensible to me now.  Let me know what think!


1 - Glad to help Andre. Let me know if you come across any other useful views that folks have created and I'll add them to the mix.

2 - thanks a lot for this kevin, i have installed your customisation and it rocks. i will also inform our team in europe & tell our customers about the link!

andre @ teamstudio europe

3 - Hi Kevin,
now I found the link and could download the file.
It worked and it is a great help for me. Thanks.
Best regards, Stefan

4 - Hi Kevin,
thanks if I come across some more customisation I will defiantly share. Unfortunately in my experience 97 % of the customers don't touch the design. But if I will come across something cool I will share it with you.
Andre @ Teamstudio

5 - Hi Kevin,
in January Andre Hausberger from Teamstudio told me about your customisation. I wanted to download it today, but could not find anything to download. Wether in the link you wrote nor in the download section by projetcts. What did I do wrong?
It would be very kind if you can help me.
Best regards, Stefan

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