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My short presentation on Julian Robichaux's OpenLog application at last week's DC Lotus User Group meeting went over very well. My aim was not so much to describe all the various capabilities of the tool, but to dramatically demonstrate how easy it is to set up from scratch and begin tracking errors.  As with many tools that do a lot of things, getting started can seem very daunting, so I chose to focus very narrowly on the error trapping functions, since that is probably the area where most Domino installations need the most help.  My central point was that this is such an easy to implement tool that solves such a huge problem that there is no excuse not to download and install it right away.

So I was very gratified to receive this message in my email the next day:

"Hi, Kevin...

  I was at your Open Log presentation last night.  It took me 10 minutes to implement this morning and just two minutes to find the source of a web problem..."

This is the kind of feedback that makes your day, but of course Julian deserves most of the credit, so take (another) bow Julian.

For those of you still trying to figure out where to start, or get more information, here is a list of OpenLog resources:

Let me know what I've left out and I'll update this post accordingly.  Happy error trapping .


1 - Julian, a road tour sounds great. However, Openlog is so easy to set up that almost anyone could give virtually the same presentation as an "opening act" for another headline presentation. I can run through the whole thing in only 15-20 minutes, which is just the right amount of time to have the necessary dramatic "wow that was easy" impact.

The one thing that would really smooth things out is having a good demo database that you know has errors in it so that you can easily generate error log entries as the final piece of the demo. I'm sure I can come up with a suitable candidate for Lotusscript, but if anyone already has a suitable database that can demo both lotusscript AND java code (or just java) error handling, I'd love to see it.

2 - Giddy up! I think you need to take that presentation on tour!

Thanks again!

- Julian

3 - Woo hoo!!! OpenLog is my FAVORITE Lotus Notes application. Then again Julian is one of my FAVORITE Lotus Notes developers besides of course you Kevin.

Rock on!

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