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Increase the Height of Blogsphere's Web Editor

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Got tired of having such a tiny amount of real estate (200 px) devoted to the web editor of Blogsphere, so finally found the place to change it. Here's how:
  1. Open the "Web - Story" FORM
  2. Navigate to the "HTML Head Content" EVENT
  3. Add the line of code highlighted here, substituting whatever number of pixels you prefer:

A picture named M2

At some point I or someone else will probably make this a configurable setting in the shipping Blogsphere template, but until then, this will do the trick.

Update 9/24/2006: I just made the change to the main Blogsphere template.  This is what you'll eventually see in the Blog Config form.


1 - Thanks, Kevin, killer tip.

2 - Manfred, very true. I chose the method I did primarily because adding the configuration lookup is very straightforward from within @Function language. Unless we moved the fckeditor.js into a page and used <computed text> for the lookup, this seems the easiest, least intrusive way to add that functionality.

3 - one can also modify the FCK_Editor's code to have this handy size increase available everywhere the editor is used:

in the Designer navigate to
Shared Resources/Files/fckeditor.js

// Properties
this.InstanceName = instanceName ;
this.Width = width || '100%' ;
this.Height = 400 || '200' ;
this.ToolbarSet = toolbarSet || 'Default' ;
this.Value = value || '' ;
this.BasePath = '/fckeditor/' ;


4 - It's been quite a while since I did anything with this, but, at one point I implemented where it would use the size of the textarea it was replacing.

5 - Updated the main story to indicate that I have updated the main Blogsphere template design to make the FCKEditor Height configurable. Whenever the next Blogsphere release comes out, you should have that functionality. It's designed so that if you do nothing, the "200" value will remain in effect.

Point being if you implement the above hack now, you won't need to worry about redoing it the next time you upgrade.

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