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Domino Developer Opening at Major Institution in Washington DC


Got this from my recruiter friend hot off the presses.  Looks like a pretty good gig in $$ terms too. The initial length of contract "is expected to be between 3-6 months. It is expected that a successful performance would result in one year extensions after the initial period. Additional extensions are possible."  As always, contact the recruiter directly.

Experience Level: Intermediate (6-10 years)

Required Skills (Minimum Mandatory Capabilities):

1. Extensive programming and development experience using Lotus Domino, LotusScript,Lotus Formula Language, Domino.Doc (API), JavaScript, HTML, DHTML,CSS,XML,Oracle 2. Excellent knowledge of VBA language and working with MS Office Applications.
3. In depth knowledge of Domino.Doc and Lotus Workflow tools.
4. Candidate must be fluent in spoken and written English, have strong written and communication skills, and be a team player.

Desired Skills:

Experience with Domino.Doc Document Management System and Lotus Workflow customization.

Terms of Reference:

The candidate will need to:
  • understand Domino.Doc and Lotus Workflow out of the box.
  • understand all functional and technical aspects of iDocs system.
  • understand high level business requirements and translate them into technical specifications.
  • create documentation (technical approach), design, develop, unit test and deploy new features and enhancements to meet user requirements and complete such work in a timely manner as agreed to with the user group and client officer.
  • provide support during stabalization period of newly developed features in production.
  • perform all tasks that are deemed necessary for optimal working of the iDocs related areas.
  • provide knowledge transfer to AST by way of verbal communication, emails and documentation (as per AST requirements) for newly developed functions and enhancements in production.
  • provide full knowledge transfer and documentation to any new resource filling this position and bring that resource up to speed.

Heather Raines
Technical Recruiter
Professional Services Group
Professional Recruiting and Technology

1651 Old Meadow Road
McLean, VA  22102
(703)917-7800, ext. 4031
heatherraines AT spherion DOT c o m

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