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On Stage at Gurupalooza


Update: With time now breathe a bit, I wanted to add a disclaimer that because all of the following was captured live, it should be considered to be only "what Kevin thinks he heard" and not as "what was definitely said and by whom". There are places where I have probably misheard either a question or an answer (or both), so check other sources before taking any action based on this blog entry. All that said, if you can add anything by way of correction, clarification, or additional information/links, please feel free to let me know and I will update accordingly.

The hoards have finally been allowed into the ballroom while myself and a couple dozen much smarter people are up on stage sweating under the bright lights. Nathan Freeman is sitting next to me shaking his head at how "cool" it is that I am blogging from here. Opening up the floor to questions, nobody immediately jumps to the microphone, but finally a question on the impending Daylight Savings Time (DST) fiasco. Chris Miller hits it out of the park...reluctantly.

A gentleman who has worked with Notes since 1992 has generated an appreciative round of applause by thanking the many professionals in the room for making the Notes/Domino platform a viable way to make a living now and into the future. Here here!

Top 5 things about Notes 8:
1 - Composite Applications
2 - Linux client
3 - Import Web services
4 - Sidebar
5 - Activities
6 - Gabby: shared personal contacts

Bottom 5 things:
1 - Hey, It's in Beta!
2 - It hasn't been released yet.
3 - Nothing

Mac on Java - get them to switch to windows!

Chris is saying something about compliance...what a surprise!

Nathan Freeman is plugging OpenNTF...again...what a surprise!

LDAP Question regarding nested groups. Chris Miller pointing to the Tivoli product and recommending reducing nesting levels to 2-3 (from a 5-6 level now).

User asks about whether there is a good design reference for getting started with Notes development. Chris Blatnick is talking about several book references...check out his blog at www.interfacematters.com or details. Devin references a book called "Designing With Web Standards" by Jeffrey Zeldman.

Somebody asks Nathan Freeman why his great Notes client layer code presented in BP101 with Chris Blatnick doesn't work in 6.5. Ben Langhinrichs points out that he has had no problems with layers since R6 but also points out that he doesn't expect anything with layers to work as expected (chuckles). He simply plans on having to fiddle with the code until it achieves an acceptable result.

How to do incremental backups on a live Domino server. One suggestion to use a clustered server and backup the cluster (I presume by disabling replication during the backup and then re-enabling it). Chris Miller talked about some other expensive products (I think including another Tivoli tool) that can do this more seemlessly.

Finally an MS Fud Fighter question: A gentleman asks whether there are any "battle hardened" MS fud fighters on stage with suggestions on how to combat an effort to switch to MS Exchange. Paul Mooney (www.pmooney.net) did a detailed review of the MS Application Analyzer a year ago and ripped it apart as a hollow marketing tool and little more, despite it being touted as a way to convert custom Notes apps to .Net or whatever. It is also pointed out that Ed Brill is a great person to contact in these situations (edbrill.com)

Now a question about Notes client vs. Browser. offline access is naturally pointed out as a key factor in which client to emphasize. The advent of offline-capable composite applications is touted as a way to get around some of the limitations. It is also pointed out that its easier to develop in the client.

A gentleman asks the panel whether they have any good solution to send notification emails to many tens of thousands of recipients because their current solution is crashing. Chris Miller (www.idonotes.com) has an old product that Connectria no longer sells which he will make available for free.

That's a wrap!


1 - I'm the gentleman who asked about Mr. Freeman's styles that didn't work in 6.5.4. Also known as the guy who had to put the shirt on at the BOF about openNTF.org. :)

Great summary. I will surely work on Freeman's stuff and see if I can find a workaround. Looking forward to getting more in to the openntf-world as well. Seemed like a really friendly bunch of nerds.

I've been blogging from Lotusphere every day, and I think if you read it you will conclude that I've really enjoyed it. Have added this blog to my feed-reader now.

And, nice to meet you at the fountain an hour ago. :)

2 - I'm thinking of a new ND8 feature called the Inbox Cleanup Agent. It is for messages, and it is controlled either by server-wide settings or policies. As implemented by IBM, it removes unread messages over a certain age from the inbox, but it can be modified to move them to a different folder instead of just removing them. I don't recall any other wrinkles to the question... there may have been though and I'm just forgetting, but I did catch up to the questioner after the session and she seemed pleased with what I told her.

3 - Thanks Ed, I fixed Paul's website link.

Richard that's a good catch about the inbox cleanup question, but I'm not aware of a cleanup agent for messages (unless you count archiving). You may be thinking of the Calendar Cleanup agent. In any case I seem to recall that the question was related to attachments and how to reduce mail file size by archiving off attachments. The suggestion I remember was to sort messages by size and tackle the big ones first. I could be remembering something I heard elsewhere though.

As for moving to another folder, there is of course already a function which does this, but again, there was something else about the original question that made the problem less straightforward. Maybe somebody else can fill in the blanks.

4 - There was also a question about whether the new Inbox Cleanup Agent can move messages into another folder instead of just removing them from the inbox. Nobody on stage had the answer and referred the questioner to the Beat the Developers session. Well, the answer is that it's called the Inbox Cleanup _Agent_ for a pretty good reason: it's an agent! So the code is right there for you to modify, and it should be a fairly simple matter to make it do a PutInFolder() call!

5 - I am reading from the Dolphin rotunda Emoticon Thanks for posting this Kevin.

6 - correction: Paul Mooney's blog is at www.pmooney.net .

Thanks for live blogging this one!

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