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Live Blogging the Ask the Developers Session


Update: With time now breathe a bit, I wanted to add a disclaimer that because all of the following was captured live, it should be considered to be only "what Kevin thinks he heard" and not as "what was definitely said and by whom". There are places where I have probably misheard either a question or an answer (or both), so check other sources before taking any action based on this blog entry. All that said, if you can add anything by way of correction, clarification, or additional information/links, please feel free to let me know and I will update accordingly.

Q: When will Notes 8 be on Nomad?

A: Version 8.0.1, approximately 6 months after 8.0

Q: When will we be able to access embedded views from another database using lotusscript at runtime?

A: Andre: Great question...

Q: Will there ever be a a ?SearchViewEntries xml url component?

A: There is something like this in the DWA template, and we'll look into making it more widely accessible.

Q: Will there be a way to rename a users' mail filename when moving from one server to another, because there may already be a file with that name?

A: You have bigger problems if you don't have uniquely named mailfiles

Q: DST question?

A: if you do the operating system update properly and follow the instructions for the calendar update, you will be updated correctly.

Same guy who stood up in Gurupalooza session who's been working with Notes since '92 is now thanking all the IBMers for their great work. Here Here!

Q: Johanes - Denmark: When you develop a new feature, you should put it into an .ntf file and let an .nsf file inherit it.

A: Jeff Heizen - little confused by the question...will take conversation offline to get more details.

Q: Why hasn't IBM been doing more to reach out to young people to bring them into the Lotus platform

A: Doug Wilson/IBM: IBM has begun a university outreach program for this. Are also pushing toward Eclipse/RSS, etc. in order to bring this

Q: Paul Rigdon, Geneva: Can you improve calendar integration to allow for the meeting speaker to show that he/she will need the meeting room before and after the main meeting time.

A: At the top of the request list...pushing hard, no promises.

Q: Scott: Can the default graphic pasting behavior be changed from bmp to jpg.

A: Brian Leonard: ini. variable to change this now...

optimizepastesize=1 'gif format

Q: Mike: embracing open standards great...any chance we'll see notes connection for MySQL anytime soon?

A: What's your second question ...you can use odbc now...otherwise hmmmmm

Q: Will Notes 8 allow us to drag the properties box to another monitor and not get stuck.

A: Yes! But it's not in the current beta yet, but will be there by public beta

Q: DWA and Quickr: Will some of the Quickr features be put into DWA wrt attachments

A: yes, but probably not in 8.0

Q: SAP has many modules, we don't use HR module. When will Notes have integration iwth other SAP modules.

A: Bob Balaban: No specific plans, but are interested in feedback so we can prioritize future enhancements

Q: Is there a way to differentiate between say a signature graphic and a legitimate email attachment so you can programmatically remove the former?

A: There are plans to implement some sort of shared mail approach

Q: Quickr question wrt migration etc. from Domino.doc

A: Quickr Product Mgr.: Domino.doc 8 will have RSS capability...want to make sure that existing dom.doc systems will continue to work...aware of the issue.

Q: Will there be more gzip support and/or granular cache controls in the web server?

A: Mark: Will be gzip support for 8.0.1, but not sure about the granularity. Will look at issue more closely.

Q: Ursula - Federal Reserve Bank: Log analysis performance - will search a ~1GB log and it will take a VERY long time to run

A: This is a bug and will be looked at more closely. Fixed in 7.0.3

Q: Ian (been to all the Lotuspheres): wrt to user experience, could you go back to look at the old " Agenda" software to get a good example? The parts I like are the intelligence where it can interpret "meeting next tuesday with Philip" and create an appropriate calendar entry.

A: Which pieces of agenda did you like? Ah, that is really hard to do in other languages like German.

Q: Can there be a server control to prevent a regular user form doing a ctrl-shift-f9 and refresh all the views in a database and kill the server

A: working on it

Q: Built app in 6.5 that took Richtext and brought over to computed rich text fields which served as "Help" text on other forms used on web...this gets messed up after web form is saved. Can there be some sort of computed when composed richtext field so this field doesn't lose its fidelity?

A: [editor note - why store the richtext information on THAT document?] Andre: similar suggestion.

Q: Will there be better help tutorial support in Notes 8 for end user's?

A: Mary Beth:

Q: This being the 14th Lotusphere, will the word Lotusphere ever be included in the spell-check dictionary? [editors note: what about the word "blog"]

A: IBM buys dictionaries from standard dictionary providers to avoid offending anyone, but an exception should perhaps be made for Lotus brandnames, since if we're offending people with those we have bigger problems.

Q: Can we do a weighted-average column in a view?

A: ??

Q: Where is the consumer level marketing of IBM products so that people come into a corporate setting and are already familiar with ibm products (e.g. "MyConnections.com" or "MyQuickr.com" )

A: CTO: looking at the issue and how to work with LDD...

Q: Thank you for mainstreaming my skillset by moving to eclipse...Question: what are the plans for "tasks" in the mail template given the enhancements in other PIM features.

A: Mary Beth: Initial focus on Mail and calendar...after 8.0 they will take a look how this should work in light of other social software trends.

Q: What is the future of Lotus Workflow?

A: IBM has a range of workflow products, including some that are machine-to-machine workflow tools. Lotus workflow was devised as a people-oriented tool and

Q: Mail router: An smtp relay server in the server config doc uses the default port, and when you restart that port the router switches to the next port and doesn'et switch back. is there a note.ini or other setting that can change this behavior?

A: Mike Gagdon our router guru not here today, but we'll take the information offline and look into it.

Q: Dwayne: Comment - OGS: great unified message on ibm products, thanks. Enhancement Req: re: Sametime 7.5...Given that sametime is being positioned as a way to push other collaboration tools

A: makes sense, will make a note of it.

Q: Expeditor Request: Can we run a simple Notes app solely through expeditor, such that Notes is running in the background only (you'll still have to have Notes installed)?

A: Mark R: Kiosk Mode a part of solution, but more generally, Expeditor will allow level of control to allow this, although not in 8.0 timeframe.

Q: Volker Weber: Looking for the theme of "simplification", for example the ability to make right-click menus in views much slimmer. Are there plans to extend this feature to the shipped templates.

A: Mary Beth Raven: may not be right away, but yes

Q: Can you add an adminp-based method of copying a database between servers similar to way this works for creating new replicas.

A: Great idea, will look into it.

Q: Can you provide a "remove stored form" lotusscript feature.

A: Noted, will look into it.

Q: When will there be a C&S API for C, etc.

A: working on it but not for 8.0 timeframe

Q: Can you change the reply defaults in mail so that attachments are not included unless explicitly selected.

A: Should probably put a policy control feature in place to handle this

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