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Does Local Archiving Work in DWA?


Update: I figured out that the missing piece was DOLS (Domino Offline Services).  In order to do local archiving from DWA it needs to be running on the server and the various plug-ins need to be installed on the workstation (via the DWA web interface).  The confusing part of this is that even without this critical piece installed, and even if the DWA user preferences point to "local" archiving, the menu choices are still available.  I think Lotus needs to do one of two things with the DWA template, either 1) properly hide the "Archive" menu choice from the action bar (both in the views and in the memo form), and from the right-click menu in the views, or 2) display an error dialog in all these cases that currently only appears when you attempt to archive from inside an open message, as shown here:

A picture named M2

Quick question for all you Domino Web Access experts out there:

Is local archiving from DWA supposed to work?  I have it enabled in the server config, and have targetted a local drive in my DWA prefs, but when selecting "Move - Archive" nothing happens.

I get the same behavior in my personal Domino environment (7.0.2 Server - OpenNTF 7.0.2 Template) and my client's (7.0.1 FP1 Server - DWA 7 Mail Template).  Drawing a blank on notes.net and Google, figure I'm probably missing something obvious.



1 - Hello Lotus Blogger , i want to know if you've got your answer somewhere because i have the exact same problem.

Thanks a lot in advance

2 - DjCat, I thought I'd made it clear in my update what was missing to make this work (i.e. DOLS). So yes, I found the answer, and yes, the answer is "Yes", local archiving *can* work with DWA. However in my case, nearly everyone in the organization has a Notes client where they can handle local archiving tasks. Bottom line, the need here did not justify the hassle of running the extra server process, installing the extra browser client plug-ins, and user training involved.

All in all though, the setup is not terribly difficult so if you can justify the effort, go for it. The lesson here is simply that there is an extra aspect to the setup that isn't immediately obvious, and having non-functioning "Archive" commands available in the menu adds to the confusion.

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