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Off to Dublin to Speak at ILUG

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I should perhaps have mentioned this sooner, but I will be speaking at this week's Irish Lotus User Group (ILUG 2007) conference in Dublin.  Three times actually.  I'll be doing two OpenNTF sessions with OpenNTF founders Bruce Elgort and Vince Schuurman.  The first one is an adaptation of the overview presentation many of you have probably seen given by Bruce (e.g. Lotusphere 2006).  The second is called "OpenNTF Blast" and is essentially one cool example of OpenNTF material after the other.  I'll also be reprising my Speedgeeking session "Top Ten Things You Wish Your Boss Understood About IT" which debuted at Lotusphere in January.

I'm especially looking forward to the "Blast" session because among other things I will finally be announcing the public release of my SuperNTF standard database architecture on OpenNTF.  Stay tuned for that...

Despite appearances I'm actually very excited about finally returning to Dublin, where I spent 3 months on a student work visa back in the early 90s.  By all accounts Dublin (and Ireland for that matter) has undergone a radical transformation these last several years, and I can think of no better excuse to use up my AMEX points than to meet up with many of my Lotus buddies for ILUG.

For those looking for me during this period I will be out of cell phone contact but will be checking email and appearing on Skype as Wi-Fi opportunities present themselves.  For those of you attending the conference, I will be staying with Paul, and will be arriving from NYC on Aer Lingus at 910AM <yawn>, then taking the Air Coach to the hotel downtown to hook up with Paul & the Gang.  If you see me and my bumblebee Lotusphere backpack (looking lost), please say "Hi!" and point me in the right direction .

"Now Boarding" - See you on the other side.


1 - I'll be looking forward to hearing more about SuperNTF.

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