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ILUG - What a Blast!!!

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After a day of travelling and another two catching up on sleep and getting reacquainted with my family, I'm now ready to start reporting on the smash hit that was ILUG 2007 .  The humbly named Irish Lotus User Group conference, while certainly no match in scale to Lotusphere, has nevertheless earned favorable comparisons to its much larger counterpart by virtue of the diversity and quality of its speakers.  Considering that just about all the speakers at ILUG have also presented at Lotusphere, this is hardly surprising.  But the remarkable thing about ILUG 2007 is not the quality of the presentation content, but rather what it reveals about the passion, initiative, and "maturity" of the "Lotus Community".  This after all was a conference organized entirely by volunteers on their own time (albeit with money from sponsors) for no other reward than the good karma and opportunity to be with friends that it brought.

So a HUGE thanks to my good friends (and the organizers) Paul, Eileen, Warren and Kitty Elsmore, Bill, and Duff.  Also a big thank you to Matt White, for not only stepping up to play roadie and help out with event setup, but also for giving me the chance to catch a few critical ZZZZZs before my first session.  It was great hanging out with all of you (and others who shall be blogged soon), and I really appreciate the hospitality, generosity, and friendship which you extended to make the event, and my experience in particular, truly memorable (although the photos - coming soon - will also help ).

For those of you who attended my sessions and in particular the OpenNTF Blast presentation on Friday, please know that I haven't forgotten about you.  With a 1 1/2 yr old son you haven't seen in a week, schedules tend to shift a bit.  The slides should be posted later today and I'm hoping SuperNTF will follow shortly.  It will be an "alpha" release for starters but will still be useful right away for those wishing to jump in and look around.  I'll try to beef up the help documentation shortly after that and polish a few other bits in the next week or so, hopefully with some of your good feedback.

Flickr photos and probably some good videos from the Nostromo GeekDinner (Youtube I guess), should appear as I find time to sit still long enough to edit out the REALLY good ones to ensure only moderate embarrassment ensues.

Stay tuned...


1 - It was great to have you over here Kevin... Your sessions were outstanding and hope to see you back next time.


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