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Big OpenNTF News From ILUG

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Well, by now most of you have probably heard that Bruce Elgort has "retired" from the leadership of OpenNTF, leaving the whole mess in the (very capable) hands of Vince Schuurman.  He made the big announcement public during our first OpenNTF session last week at ILUG.  I guess presenting with me drove him over the edge!

All jokes aside, it was an honor to stand on the stage with Bruce and I hope his "new project" will give him further excuses to address the Notes crowd in the future.  He can take great pride in bringing OpenNTF from Nathan's grand idea to one of the most important resources in the IT world (let alone DominoWorld) in just five short years.  As I said during our OpenNTF Blast session delivered the following day, OpenNTF has in the last year reached a "tipping point" in terms of the quality of the applications that have been uploaded.  To the extent that quality attracts quality, I see the movement snowballing as more developers see the site as an outlet for their creative energy, and as a way to enlist the community in helping to extend and improve their work.  But the real impact of OpenNTF is felt by real people in their day-to-day jobs - developers and admins, users and managers, who benefit from applications that make their jobs less tedious and more productive and enjoyable.

So Bruce my friend, thank you for OpenNTF, thank you for your friendship, and here's wishing you the best of luck in your new endeavors!


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