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Posting Flickr Photos to Blogsphere v3

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As astute readers have probably figured out by now, I have found a cool new toy in the form of my ability to post photos from Flickr to my blog.  For those of you with Blogsphere 3.0-based blogs, this is really quite easy, but not necessarily obvious, so here's the skinny:

Step 1: Go to Blogsphere's Configuration area:

A picture named M2

Step 2: Open the active configuration document for your blog (it's the one with the green check):

A picture named M3

Step 3: Goto the "Interfaces" section and enter a username and password.  These can be anything, but I recommend a password not used anywhere else.  Since it's not encrypted on the form, you can get creative and not worry about forgetting it.  You will plug these values into Flickr later, along with the automatically computed "Blogger API Endpoint" url.  Save and close the configuration document:

A picture named M4

Read on to learn how to configure Flickr...

Step 4: Sign into Flickr and access your account settings:

A picture named M2

Step 5: Click on the link for "Extending Flickr":

A picture named M3

Step 6: Click on the "Configure your Flickr-to-blog settings" link:

A picture named M4

Step 7: Click on the "Set up your blog" link:

A picture named M5

Step 8: Select the "MetaWeblog API" option from the list of blog types:

A picture named M6

Step 9: Enter the information from your Blogsphere Config document (see step 3), then click "Next" (Note: you may have to click next a few times for it to work):

A picture named M7

Step 10: Confirm your information and click "All DONE":

A picture named M8

The rest is pretty easy.  You can create "custom templates" in Flickr that will determine how a photo is laid out and sized in relation to the accompanying text.  When you want to actually *use* your new toy, just click the "Blog This" button above a photo, as shown here:

A picture named M9

I'll try to restrain myself

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