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How to Add Google Analytics to Blogsphere


Taking my cue from The Big Red Shark (aka Scott Cochrane), I decided today that if adding Google Analytics to Blogsphere is so easy, I might as well stop procrastinating.  For those even bigger procrastinators out there, here's how to do it:

Step 1: Go to the Google Analytics page follow the very easy sign up process.  If you have a gmail/Google account already, you can skip that part.

Step 2: Copy the small HTML code snippet that Google gives you and open your "Blogsphere Configuration - Page Template"  document as shown here:

A picture named M2

Step 3: Paste the HTML snippet in the "Page Body Finish" field as shown here:

A picture named M3

There are probably more bells and whistles that you can take advantage of with different configuration tweeks, but getting started really did turn out to be pretty easy, if not obvious.  Now it's pretty obvious too so stop procrastinating!


1 - Nice and easy, thanks Kevin.

While doing it I found what I think might be a bug in Blogsphere, in the page template form the debug fields are hidden if the user has the Debug role. I am guessing it should be the other way around. I also took a brief look of the other forms and there are some other with the same problem.
I will put this on OpenNTF.

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