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Good Write-Up of Ytria's AgentEZ Tool on DomBlog.de

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Hans-Peter Kuessner has had a go with the new beta version of Ytria's AgentEZ tool and offers an excellent overview of the experience.  AgentEZ allows Notes admins/developers to quickly gather information on all the agents in all the databases on a server.  This information can in turn prove very useful in smoothing out agent scheduling, disabling "rogue" agents, and fixing incorrect "run-on server" settings, among other things.

Those of you who happened to catch my OpenNTF Blast presentation at ILUG may recall that I mentioned several free/open source tools that can do similar things to AgentEZ.  These are:
  • DomainPatrol - Collects a ton of information about databases on the server, including agents, acls, and a myriad collection of database properties into a central Notes database.  From there you can make mass changes to many of these settings through simple view actions.  DomainPatrol is a hybrid open source/commercial tool.  A workstation-based Java scanner and the Notes database are free/open source, while a server-based scanner is available for purchase.  
  • Agent Monitor - Provides essentially the same ability as DomainPatrol to gather information about and make mass changes to the agents on your servers, but is limited to just agents.  It is an OpenNTF project which itself is built atop another OpenNTF project called "Domino Application Framework".
  • Agent Manager - Virtually identical to Agent Monitor in that it is focused purely on controlling agents.  It is offered by AGE Computer Consultancy who are based in Australia.  They have several other cool downloads worth checking out, including another that I highlighted in Dublin that works wonders on Excel imports into Notes.

While all three of these free tools are great, I'm counting on the folks at Ytria to produce a more compelling and feature-rich user interface for AgentEZ to justify the purchase price.  I've seen the tool myself and agree with Hans-Peter that it looks very impressive so far.

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